What features make this best racing game for Android users?

Ever since we can’t get enough games, racing games for the Android is a game that made its way to our smartphone. The popularity of racing games on smartphones has also increased in recent years as well.

There are many racing games that you can play on your iPhone and Android devices. But what is the best racing game for Android user? What features make this best racing game for Android users? Read ahead to find out more!

1)  Speed

Speed racing games have been around for almost half a century now, but speed racing games is one of the most successful racing titles ever released on mobile phones. There are hundreds of racing games on the market with each having its own design and unique style.

Speed racing is all about running across a race course as fast as possible. It involves a lot of acceleration as well as braking so it makes the racers go faster than they probably would otherwise or at least it was planned to do. This means that anyone who owns this game will enjoy driving cars and sports cars in a very close race to see how fast the car goes. If you like to drive your car for fun then speed racing is definitely for you!

2) Survival

Survival games involve collecting resources and building up your fortification against the enemy who come to attack it and try to kill you. These types of games are mostly used by people who like saving food in their home. However in survival games you need to fight back from attackers from behind so don’t let those attacks scare you away from these kinds of games. You should always keep a weapon handy especially when you are attacked from behind. Use swords, knives, maces to defend yourself and others from these invaders!

3) Exploration

Exploration games are usually used by kids who like exploring the place. They will be able to explore houses, farms, etc and some might even build their castles or hide themselves in other places. In exploration games there are various ways to explore the environment which includes using torches or sticks of wood.

4) Endurance

In endurance games you race against time. This is achieved by pressing the gear icon and waiting for the timer to complete a lap. During the process of pushing you to complete some laps you must also pass an obstacle which can take up to a couple hours depending on your gear. Other races may include sprinting where the player tries to finish the lap as quickly as possible without crossing any obstacles.

Other features of racing games such as completing different courses, collecting trophies, defeating opponents, etc. are done in endurance games too. Just like in speed racing games, you need to finish some races within certain time to win the grand championship.

5) Sports.

Sports racing is another important type of racing game in the world. It is popular among people who love racing for both competition and enjoyment. It involves a series of very short races and requires lots of stamina as well as coordination. To compete with professional drivers, professional tracks, team events, and even individual competition in racing games is a difficult task for anybody. You can watch online tournaments and even watch live race competitions in order to catch your interest in racing games.

6) Cars

Car racing games mostly consist of car racing in real life. Most of them are very similar to racing in general except that the main mode that is used in racing games is not the normal road racetrack racing, but very much similar to racing in real life. There are several types of cars used in racing games. Some of the regular cars that you can buy are; track cars, race cars, muscle cars, modified cars, sports cars, snow sports cars, and even land vehicles.

The racing race may involve the use of several cars to help racers reach the final destination. Car racing games can also feature racing in extreme environments such as snow covered mountain areas. Others might also offer sim racers who use automobiles while racing cars.

7) Cricket

Cricket is played at cricket venues in India and Australia. Cricket is played over a long distance which is approximately 100 yards in length. It is a spectator sport rather than a competitive sport. Even though you cannot watch cricket live, you can experience all the interesting moments of a match at cricket grounds.

8) Tennis

Tournament games also have many competitions. Tournaments for tennis come up and end anytime. Their main aim is to determine the top players in the region so that they can qualify for regional and national tournaments. Players will be divided into two teams. One of them plays the game in tournaments whereas the other one uses a court for playing practice games in tournaments. Many things can be won between various players in tournaments, such as points, rebounds, and sometimes match winners.

9) Golfing

Golfing is a classic pastime of Indian Indians in the United States. It involves playing with various clubs and woods. A single golfer needs to hit golf balls with a club to control the swing. People of every age and skill level can play golf. Golf is very popular across the globe as it is enjoyed by people of different ethnic backgrounds.

10) Race

Racing is a great form of entertainment for everyone and it offers a variety of activities. There are so many race tracks across the world. There is no specific date for the first appearance of racing in India but we have had some races for some time now. The earliest recorded racing event was in Rome somewhere in the year 500BC. Romans were curious about their new found knowledge about animals and the natural surroundings. Thus the word is derived from this. According to historians, racing began after the British defeated the Turks in the Battle of Britain. As people observed more advanced science and innovations in the early 20th century, the sport took over Europe and spread to Western countries.

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