Top 5 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Top 5 reasons to buy Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 feels more familiar then Galaxy watch but this iteration is sharper and more sophisticated.

In Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 google and Samsung has worked together and they bring a good product in the market but still there is some positive as well as negative points about this watch 4.

I am going to share long term review about this watch with us after using this watch for more then 30 days.

First I will share the positive point about galaxy 4 then will move to negative point which I feel Samsung need to fix.

1. Design.

Samsung ‘s Galaxy watch 4 Design

The first thing which I like about this watch is It is very light weight and even you can wear it during your sleep time. In that way you can monitor sleep time.

Galaxy watch 4 comes with the silicone strap which make it more light, dustproof and sweat proof.

It has two functioning buttons in the right sight and the design is very sharp. Galaxy 4 has a supper AMOLED display with 40 mm dial.

Its display is super bright and it comes with 60Hz refresh rate which enhance users experience.

Galaxy watch 4 comes in two sizes: 42 millimeters with a 1.2-inch screen and 46 millimeters with a 1.4-inch screen.

Galaxy watch 4 has a multiple colors option as compare to Galaxy 4 classic. It comes with four color option Black, sliver, pink gold and green. Black is my personal favorite in all these colors.

Galaxy watch for does not have an outer rotating bezel like galaxy watch 4 classics but the same functioning is provided in touch.

You can touch the watch 4 outer rotating area and it will work same as rotating bezel in watch 4 classic.

This feature makes this watch lighter and I personally feel delight to use this feature.


Galaxy watch 4 side views and silicone strap


2. Multiple watch faces.


Samsung Galaxy watch 4 supports third party applications and it gives up options to select watch faces as per our likes.

I would say third party application support is quite easy and smooth.
We can easily download the applications from google play store for different watch faces.

3. Performance.


Samsung Galaxy watch 4 Performance.

I must say that galaxy watch 4 performance is super-fast and It never left me waiting.

Samsung Galaxy watch 4 has one UI over Wear OS operating system powered by Samsung which is easier to use and give access to use full play store on watch 4.

You can directly download most famous apps from play store like Maps, fit and Keep. The watch 4 even got YouTube music app.

Samsung Galaxy watch 4 comes with Exynos W920 processor which makes it fast and it comes with 60Hz refresh rates. It comes with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB storage.

These combinations make it super-fast, smooth and delight to use.

Samsung Galaxy watch 4 supports some go to have features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE (optional) and NFC.

Samsung Galaxy watch 4 has inbuild google play store so now you can download play store application directly on you watch 4.

Operating UI over Wear OS is quite easy and you will not feel difficulty to use navigation buttons.

Notification button live to the left side of your home page. if you swipe left you will directly be landed to your notification screen.

If you want to used quick setting then you simply need to swipe up and you will be all set to do your watch settings.

Twisting the bezel clockwise from the home screen will scroll you through the notifications, and clockwise, tiles.


4.  Body Composition.


Samsung has developed a new heath sensor which is placed in the watch 4 series.

This new sensor combines an electrocardiogram reader (ECG), heart rate monitoring (PPG), and bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) and shows results on the screen. It is a 3 in 1 sensor which combine all the three (ECG, PPG, BIA) results.

BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis) sends a weak electric current through your body to analyze body water percentage, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and more.

Taking a BIA reading is really quick, but all you need to do is hold your fingers against the crown buttons for about 15 seconds.

Body composition analysis can help you understand how the changes you make to your activities and diet can impacts your internal body system.

BIA should not be used by pregnant ladies and same is recommended by Samsung. The watch 4 has given option to disable BIA.

5. Activity, Sleep and Stress tracking.


I have been using Samsung galaxy watch 4 for more than 30 days. Over the period of these days I have used this watch for running, at gym.

I used this watch for monitoring my gym activity like bench press, pull ups, push up, curls etc. I would say that watch 4 has more niche selections and when I did compare watch 4 with apple watch and the results were quite similar.

Samsung has provided improved sleep tracking system in galaxy watch 4 as compared to watch 3.
In galaxy watch 4 blood oxygen is being measured in every minute at night during your sleep time and galaxy watch 4 used to measured blood oxygen in every 30 minutes.

Galaxy watch 4 also keep tracking your snoring while you sleep and It also has a feature to track you two sleep records in a single night If you wakes up in a night for some time and sleep again. In that case it will combine your both the sleep time provide you total sleep data.


With better battery life, attractive design and smooth performance no doubt galaxy watch 4 is a good product and you can keep it in your buy list but still there is one issue which I faced with galaxy watch 4 that Galaxy watch 4 is not compatible with IOS which mean you can not connect it with you iPhone.

I will strongly advise iPhone user to think twice before buying this watch 4.





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