Top 5 most popular iPhone games for Game lover

If you have the iPhone, you know how challenging it can be to choose the right smartphone for your needs and preferences. There are so many various options for you to pick from, which makes choosing a smartphone even more difficult. It’s also important that you get a good phone that can handle all of your tasks and not one or two. So, if you want to make sure that you have something that will last you through the years, then you need to find the best phones out there. Below is a list of the most popular iPhone games as well as the features that make them stand out among others. (Although some people might disagree with me on this matter and say that Apple doesn’t use iPhones for these things, I still find these things very interesting.)

1. PUBG Mobile

The first-ever “real sim-based mobile game” by EA. After only three weeks from release, over 20 million copies were sold with 100 billion downloads in two months. This is considered to be the #1 selling video game of all time based on the original sales figures alone. The story behind the title can be seen below. When EA announced PUBG Mobile back in 2010, they didn’t expect to be able to reach the levels of success that they did with their other titles such as Fortnite and CSGO, but rather than wait for the inevitable, EA decided to bring PUBG Mobile into their game portfolio. While no other company was capable of creating a complete sim-based shooter, EA had proven themselves to be extremely talented when it came to building high quality games. For PC gamers and those who wanted to see what a true simulator could do, this game featured everything they missed about mobile devices and turned them into hardcore fans of PUBG. With great graphics, fast loading times, and excellent animation, PUBG Mobile has become one of the greatest “gaming hits” ever made, spawning endless sequels and spin-off games ever created. In 2021, PUBG Mobile is up for grabs at $20.99/£16.99, which is a pretty cool price considering that it is currently ranked number seven in the world. One thing though, that should never happen is that the title gets banned because of issues like child exploitation or sexual harassment (just kidding! Not only does PUBG Mobile have strong imagery and a fantastic graphics engine, but the developers also have created plenty of unique apps and accessories, too). Overall, despite some controversy surrounding this title, PUBG Mobile is still considered one of the best Android smartphones ever created.

2. Flappy Bird

This game is one of our favorite iOS titles. We all love playing flappy bird where we try to catch as many balls as possible, but that’s where the fun ends – unfortunately (and fortunately!) a lot of people are addicted to catching the largest amount of balls. Well, guess what! Today, we’re going to discuss Flappy Birds (or known as the Flappy Duck) which is an augmented reality AR app created by Zynga Interactive (a Japanese development firm specializing in interactive entertainment). Although Flappy Birds is probably the most popular on social media and by far the highest paid AR app of all time, there are still tons of free versions on the App Store and Google Play store. You can play up to nine hours of content for free, and while it may not look as vibrant when compared to its actual AR counterpart, it definitely isn’t without its benefits and provides a lot of value if used correctly. The feature is called Jump, which offers players lots of different sorts of jumping patterns that they can control via taps or taps. The biggest downside of Flappy Birds though, is that every time you unlock the app, there’s always one more ball for you to collect. Even if you only play with ten minutes daily, your score will keep increasing until you have enough balls to fill your entire board. Unfortunately, there is no way to return them, so you have to buy them again after each use to ensure constant growth and earning in Flappy Birds. However, there’s plenty of new and exciting things you can do with Flappy Friends around the globe to help increase your scores. All of this is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Download your own copy directly from the App Store and enjoy unlimited coins which comes with each purchase. Another awesome advantage of this app is that the developers don’t plan to add any ads into the gameplay, which keeps you safe and avoids any annoying pop-ups you might come across if you accidentally download it. Overall, the experience from just downloading it once and letting it run for as long as you like just before unlocking the final version is worth it.

3. Minecraft

While it may not be considered really mainstream, Minecraft is still a huge factor to consider if you think about purchasing a smartphone. People with smartphones like Minecraft and it’s super easy for them to enjoy if that’s what they’re looking for. The platform itself is quite simple to use although there’s plenty of additional features you can unlock that will help to boost your earnings. From getting bonus materials to rare items and vehicles, Minecraft introduces a whole new element of “open-world” gameplay. Unlike traditional mobile phone games that require you to pay for DLC packs to unlock further content, Minecraft apps will provide you with extra goodies for free that will give you bonuses if done correctly. Since the beginning of 2020 the developer Mojang has been working hard to update users on both platforms. Nowadays, anyone can play online using mods such as mod packs, skins, or tools. As always, playing these games is free and takes no time for installation, but you still need to spend money on it since the average cost can vary from $0.10 to $35. On top of all of that, Mojang recently launched the Star Citizen Mod for Minecraft and is making big changes to the existing codes. Also, due to COVID-19, the publisher has drastically reduced the launch date of the upcoming updates. Nonetheless, Minecraft has become a massive part of global gaming history and continues to grow each day. Thanks to the popularity of it, Nintendo released a standalone console version with Mario Kart called Wii U back in 2018. Some people however, believe that the current iteration of Minecraft is actually better than the original. They claim that the next generation of the platform would offer even faster ray tracing, advanced ray-casting technology and increased connectivity options than previous iterations, which would undoubtedly improve the overall performance of the game. Overall, Minecraft remains one of the most popular mobile games in all of history and has a wide audience waiting for new developments to come on PS4 and Xbox consoles. Furthermore, there are plenty of variations of Minecraft all across the various platforms, so there truly seems to be something to suit everyone’s needs and preferences.

4. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, as already mentioned above, is one of the most successful franchises in recent memory. Originally released in 2014, the franchise quickly became one of the most recognizable brands in the whole of Asia. Currently, Pokémon Go boasts a total network of approximately 500 million monthly active accounts with 300+ events and tournaments happening throughout the year, which is over 40% of its annual revenue. In addition to becoming a wildly successful brand, Pokémon Go was the largest contributor to gross merchandise value (GMV) for 2019 and the second largest globally. These numbers show how significant digital advertising businesses were for the Pokemon Company. With over 1 billion interactions per year between companies like Sony, Microsoft and Alphabet, Pokemon Go generates revenues of approximately $3.5 billion annually. Due to all of this, many people are now starting to look for ways to win competitive advantages over smaller competitors. Enter cryptocurrency mining farms to obtain rare coins and tokens for exclusive rewards, such as special cards and discounts. Additionally, there’s a plethora of shops which allow customers to easily trade products for cash as well as gold. Once you have obtained these items, you can sell them on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or anywhere else. A coin mining farm is also available in Korea, Japan and Singapore. Finally, the industry leader in blockchain technology has acquired Jazkex which means that the platform is now being actively used for trading and blockchain mining as well as Ethereum transactions within the Asian market. Overall, Pokémon Go and it’s incredible success have allowed the Pokemon Company to become one of the leading corporations worldwide. Also, there is an abundance of games on the web and the vast majority of them are entirely free. That, coupled with hundreds of millions of monthly active accounts worldwide, has given the Pokémon Company the opportunity to create a large following and continue expanding its network to support future expansions. Despite the fact that the company is constantly updating its website and its mobile application, it is undeniable that Pokémon Go is still widely loved and enjoyed, and we wouldn’t wish that to change. Overall, Pokémon Go has continued to spread to countries across the world and is now available on nearly 200 different platforms and has amassed millions of loyal users worldwide. Given the countless opportunities offered by the internet, it is clear that Pokémon Go will continue to flourish and shine even after 20 years.

5. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is the sixth games in the series that began in 2011. During its lifespan, the game has accumulated over 80 million user base, which is over 60% higher than Clash of Clans and Battle Royale. Similar to Pokémon Go, Candy Crush Soda Saga also follows another similar model of player stats in which your activity increases in accordance to your character’s appearance and stats. Players can take turns beating waves for cash or go for solo missions to earn Candy Points and Gold coins. Apart from having different difficulty levels, you can customize characters according to their personality and stats. Each


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