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The Apple Watch is the future and it has arrived. And to be honest, I didn’t expect for a couple of months this year to have a better than average phone. So as you can guess, that’s why I went to an online purchase site and chose Best Buy for my best purchase for my iPhone. Since then I’ve been using Google Photos, Spotify, Tidal, Dropbox, iCloud and more and it keeps everything together very well and has given me some amazing features to enjoy. Also, with this new release I’ve had less than 2 hours on my phone while being stuck in a hotel or a plane when listening to music, so not only am I not waiting around for the phone, but also have a great device with no problems.

10. A massive market

This is one of the reasons I bought an iPad over my phone because I didn’t want to wait around for another 6 months (especially if I wasn’t travelling). With iTunes, iCloud, Google Drive, etc, they all come at you, regardless of where you are at the moment. On your smartphone, you only need one feature which is having pictures on Gmail, Google Photos, or YouTube because these three services can take care of everything for you. If you don’t like the service of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Microsoft Office 365, Yahoo! or any other media outlet, go on Spotify which has the largest amount of tracks and songs. This is a perfect system for anyone who doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee or use their phone every day to listen to music and watch movies. You will save money even though people would argue otherwise. It will keep your mobile away from your house, office, car, public transport etc. Your family will be able to see everyone who’s playing music in the garden when a few of them are in the bathroom.

9. An extensive library

You can find almost anything you want or need on the internet, it’s free, there is many options to pick up something and use it again. There’s apps available to download software and games. Google Play Store has hundreds of applications and games. For smartphones, you just need to turn on Wi-Fi and it will automatically connect you to wifi. You can also choose to have Bluetooth on your phone or tablet by clicking it. As long as you have enough RAM and storage space on your laptop or desktop computer, you can also use this internet service. But since iPhones do it for you, you will receive updates at different times. Each update adds to your app and game collections. When you’re doing research and browsing through Youtube, you’ll notice a lot of changes. Sometimes when downloading files or videos, there will be new additions and improvements to apps. It’s always exciting to look at all this and think what other people around the world are discovering. You can read reviews and read about new functions before buying it but knowing that other people got it for good price, gives you peace of mind.

8. Great battery life

I was worried that after spending so much time researching so many things on the internet, I wouldn’t get anywhere near a decent battery life. After several weeks researching and testing, I discovered how easy it was to maintain a healthy battery life and also how little it took. Compared to similar phones such as Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8 5G and Pixel 4a or more, I didn’t really feel that bad about losing a bit of power, until I realised that I spent so much time on Reddit or Twitter looking at devices and finding out how it could be done. The most important thing is to avoid too much screen and keep it off your wrist or your face. Just like when you go on toilet breaks, make sure that the phone is completely turned off for more than half an hour. Then once this happens, bring it back on. This is very simple and easy. One way to do this is to put the phone down on something in the kitchen, the table, coffee table, etc. which means your hands aren’t touching the screen. Once this happens, keep putting the phone down until the phone drops off the line or the charging cable. In between, keep switching off all notifications except for calls. Leave it on silent. Don’t use it straight away. Try turning it on before going to bed. That way, you have less to lose when it’s in the bedroom.

7. FaceTime

There’s an iOS App called “FaceTime” that allows people to join people from various areas. Instead of sitting in front of someone’s desk with your eyes closed and thinking about them for hours on end, you can now chat and hangout with them. FaceTime is extremely handy for work, meetings, and meeting your friends. Plus, you can talk about politics and social issues with others in real time. Like WhatsApp for Android. Or Viber for Windows, Skype for Mac, and TikTok for iOS. You can also message other people within your home and outside your family circle. We’re seeing this become normalised so soon that you can ask Siri on your iPhone to search Google for your name and location by saying “How Do We Talk?” It makes everyday tasks easier.

6. Camera zoom

When you zoom out further you get a clearer picture and more pixels onscreen (but not so clear to the eye). Which leads me to…

5. Better performance

I used to play video games on my Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3, but when compared with the iPhone SE, the iPhone XS, and later the Pixel 4a, I found myself comparing it to older phones like the Galaxy S3. Although it’s not quite as fast and the camera is not the same speed as the S3, but still a solid device. But when comparing our actual phones with the newer ones, the difference between the S2 in comparison to the iPhone SE is just not there. What matters the most is how quickly the phone performs and how smoothly it handles and responds. Whether its a photo taking on the first page of Google Photos or a movie or TV show on HBO. All these things should always be performed and handled perfectly to give you an enjoyable experience. The reason I got an iPad so fast was because I wasn’t having such an intense gaming experience with my phone or watching videos (which did make sense but doesn’t come with the benefits I wanted).

4. Battery Life

The main benefit I’ve heard from reviewing the phone is that it lasts forever. With the recent updates, it’s no longer the issue that it’s only lasted for 1–2 years. Yes, it does use batteries but it lasts long enough for a week or more of uninterrupted usage. Not saying that I’m not concerned about the environmental impact of this but if I’m worried about the future of our environment and making sure everyone runs on renewable energy (so we don’t have nuclear waste), I should probably buy an iPhone instead because the company is slowly changing its business model which is to run in the third quarter of 2020 which I imagine means the phone will last forever, if we continue in the current manner.

3. Features

I don’t know how many features I found interesting and useful but they all came with the latest version of iOS and Android. They were:

Google Assistant;

Face Recognition;

Lighter weight;

Better support for multiple languages and more. With a new operating system on tap.

Google Assistant:

Google assistant is an intelligent device available on smartphones via the Google assistant on your phone for iOS and Android devices. It’s powered by G Suite, a cloud computing platform offering voice and messaging capabilities. It has natural language processing abilities to provide users with the ability to text, speak, and converse with Google and others.

2. Face Recognition:

If you are familiar with a smart doorbell camera then you might know that Google can recognize faces in photos and videos. You can also recognise patterns in images and videos that you previously never noticed. The advanced recognition system also works when you’re not wearing the phone. You can even control a device remotely from your smartphone, including controlling things like security cameras or home security systems. In addition to recognizing faces, you can also recognise places such as landmarks, cities, sports venues, holidays, festivals, and so much more. Alongside, you can also recognise other words and phrases such as “cat”, “camel”, “dog”, “dachshund”, “dongle”, “doggy”, etc. The system also recognizes your own expressions, making it possible for you to communicate with Google Assistant and Google Home while simultaneously keeping a close connection with your digital universe. Lastly, it offers Google Assistant, Google Lens, and Google Home. These tools are all available with Android versions 7 and above.

1. Google Assistant:

This is an incredible machine learning assistant developed by Google and offered as part of the Google Assistant. Google Assistant is built from the ground-up with AI and machine learning technology to deliver a seamless user experience. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Google Assistant provides more than 30 billion total skills, allowing users to understand conversations, find information, set alarms and timers, control smart home gadgets, control appliances, and more. Users can also manage daily routines, order items, track finances, translate languages, call people, share files and documents online, and use Google Assistant to make phone calls. Google Assistant is entirely designed, built and tested in-house.

Google Lens:

Google introduced two revolutionary augmented reality features in 2016, Google Lens and Google Meet, that revolutionised how business can operate. First released during CES 2017, Google Lens instantly launched into the mainstream and made possible for businesses to capture highly detailed images of objects with 360 degrees of freedom. Secondly, Google recently updated the powerful algorithm behind their groundbreaking Google Meet, providing a more intuitive and intuitive interface for users. All this is possible to do on your smartphone in less than 30 minutes.


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