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The Flash: Wally West is Stealing Barry Allen’s New Job

DC’s The Flash seems to be placing Wally West in a role similar to the one that Barry Allen was offered at the start of Infinite Frontier.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for The Flash #770!

Wally West, the Flash, is stealing Barry Allen’s new job. The Flash #770 reveals that the new role intended for Barry may be roundaboutly passing to his former sidekick. Retirement really doesn’t seem to be in Wally’s immediate future, through no fault of his own.

Dark Nights: Death Metal set up a new status quo for the DC universe when it comes to continuity. Breaking the source wall led to Infinite Frontier and paved the way for a completely new approach to DC’s multiverse. This led to a new job offer for Barry and potentially for the former Kid Flash until Wally decided to retire. Now it seems like his last race has turned into his longest marathon.

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Created by Jeremy Adams, Jack Herbert, Brandon Peterson, Kevin MaGuire, Michael Atiyeh, and Steve Wands, The Flash #770 is giving Wally a new role. However, this may be a similar role that was initially offered to Barry Allen. In Infinite Frontier #0, it was revealed that Justice Incarnate, a hero team that protects the multiverse, wanted to recruit Barry to aid them. In this role, he was supposed to travel the Multiverse to help catalog differences due to the fallout from Dark Nights: Death Metal. Now it seems like the Speed Force is doing things differently.

Wally West has been taking a Quantum Leap style trip through time via the Speed Force. He has been dropped into different speedsters’ bodies while having to take down foes who have also been zapped by this powerful force. The Flash is saving the day all through time, from prehistory to World War II in Jay Garrick’s body and even to the future in Bart Allen’s body. The Flash Family has their hands full all through time. However, the latest adventure did in fact already happen in comics, specifically in an Elseworlds story. Elseworlds were previously separate worlds from standard DC continuity. With different aspects of DC’s different eras and universes blending, this may be a major sign of alteration, the kind that Barry was supposed to observe and take note of. Instead of traveling the multiverse using his abilities to check what changed alongside Justice Incarnate, Barry is assisting Wally from the present, in the hopes of getting him home.

What started out as a final race is becoming a major responsibility for Wally, bigger than even Barry was about to take on. Continuity is changing and the Flash may be the first to see it, even if it isn’t the Flash that was originally intended to do so. There is an unknown complication going on with the Speed Force, causing Wally to run through time and be zapped from point to point, jumping from body to body. This very well could be a result of the shift in continuity, causing the Speed Force to have to recalibrate and make corrections from one year to another, but needing a speedster to do it. Why this is a job for Wally specifically instead of Barry, whose future role seems like it would have been similar in many ways – though with more agency for the Flash to choose where to run to – has yet to be revealed. Either way, Wally West seems to be taking Barry Allen’s job as the Flash of the new multiverse.

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