American Press News provide real-world technology content for  users like you every month.Our goal is to provide you get the most of the technology in your life.
We have more than 10 technology professionals — authors,  software developers, tech support agents, educatorsand more — all working together to create technology news and articles that you can trust.
We are a new news channnel and commited to provide you latest news information reated to technologies.
Our Writers
Our writers have experience in working with the tech they write about and they are also people who  are passionate about sharing there thoughts about what they know with you
Meet just a few of our experts:
Andrew P
Andrew P  is a professional technologist and have more then 3 years experience in this field. He is specialized in writing about Apple products.
John Stephenson
John Stephenson has been writing about technology since 2019. She specializes in android as well as smart home devices.
She loves reading and writing. She spend most of her time in library.
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